World No Tobacco Day 2019

May 31, 2019
World No Tobacco Day
World Health Organization (WHO) and global partners recognises 31 May as World No Tobacco Day every year.
The objective is to spread awareness of deadly and harmful effects of tobacco smoking and second-hand smoke exposure; along with this, to discourage tobacco consumption in any form.
WHO focuses on ‘Tobacco and Lung Health’ on this day and this campaign spreads awareness:
  • Tobacco’s negative impact on people’s lungs, from causing oral cancer to chronic respiratory diseases
  • Disseminate awareness for reducing tobacco consumption
  • Engage stakeholders across multiple sectors for an anti-tobacco campaign
Goals of World No Tobacco Day campaign
  • Highlight risks due to tobacco smoking and exposure to second hand smoke
  • Reduce the magnitude of death and illness of lung diseases caused by tobacco smoking globally
  • Create awareness of emerging evidence of the link between tobacco smoking and tuberculosis deaths
  • Illustrate feasible actions and measures to reduce the risks to lung health posed by tobacco through public and government information programs

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