8 Ways to improve Your Smile

There are many cosmetic treatments available to make your smile more healthy, attractive and brighter. Many people lack that perfect beautiful smile, but don’t worry! If you are one of those wondering how to improve your smile, here are the available treatment options and tips to give you back that smile for which you were waiting since ages.

  • Scaling and polishing

If you are noticing stains on your teeth, you can take an  appointment with your dentist for professional cleaning of teeth. After scaling and polishing, you can get back your beautiful smile back.  Dentist can then prescribe specialized toothpastes and educate you about proper brushing techniques that will be helpful to maintain the results.

  • Whitening or Bleaching

With office whitening treatment dentist can change the shade of your tooth upto 2-3 times lighter, depending on enamel thickness.   Home beaching kits are also available but you need to use them only after consultation with dentist. Most of the times dentist prescribe home bleaching only to maintain results of office bleaching.

  • Laminates and Veneers

If you have external tooth discoloration which cannot be removed through scaling or whitening, then your dentist can suggest  a  laminate or veneer treatment. If you have an internal tooth discoloration, an internal bleaching procedure may precede the veneer treatment. Veneers can also be given in cases of minor gaps in teeth or to correct minimum teeth rotations for aesthetic correction.

  • Crowns and bridges

If you have some tooth missing or you are having broken, chipped teeth or you have major gaps in your teeth, then that can be corrected by giving crowns and bridges. This is the most common treatment available. Sometimes minor surgical procedures like frenectomy or root canal treatment maybe advised prior to crown and bridge treatments, depending upon the case. In case of a missing tooth, you may be advised a tooth supported or an implant supported crown and bridge depending on your bone levels.

  • Orthodontic treatment

Improper alignment of teeth is called malocclusion that may be corrected with various treatments. If you have crowded teeth or proclined teeth, that can be corrected aby orthodontic treatment. For esthetically conscious patients who are wary of metal show, ceramic brackets maybe used or your dentist may apply the wires and brackets behind the teeth instead of front (lingual orthodontics).  Another advancement is aligners, which are clear  appliances you need to wear, and are so transparent that nobody can guess that you are undergoing any sort of  treatment.

Many a times, surgical correction may be required to correct the jaw positioning. . Not all orthodontic cases require surgical treatment, only in cases having skeletal problems. This is known as orthognathic surgery.

  • Depigmentation of gums

When you smile, if your gums are visible and they are blackish in color or patchy in appearance, then you can have this treatment done. It is a safe technique by which the upper layer of your gum is removed either by scalpel or by laser, and after healing you will have natural pink gums.

  • Esthetic crown lengthening and root coverage procedure.

In cases where teeth are smaller due to excess covering of gums on them or the smile is gummy in appearance, esthetic crown lengthening can be done. It is a treatment in which excess gum covering on teeth is removed under anesthesia by scalpel and blade or either by laser.

In case of gum disease, where gums have receeded and teeth appear bigger in appearance, with exposure of underlying tooth roots, gum reattachment or root coverage procedure can be attempted.

  • Botox®

Botox®  injections are used to treat excessive gum display or loop sided smiles either alone or in combination with other treatments. It can also be used to create fuller lips and get rid of smile lines and frown lines.  Botox is injected into hyperactive upper lip elevator muscles.  Results are not permanent and  after 6 months, you may need injections again.

Consultation with your dentist is the first and most important step to have a beautiful smile. After analyzing your smile, your dentist can suggest an appropriate  treatment plan, customized specially for you.  It  may include combinations of the various treatments available to enhance your smile. So no need to shy away, only smile away!


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