Good Food for Teeth

As we know sugary foods are harmful to our teeth but if we rinse after having them risk can be lowered. Now, the question arises which are good food for teeth? Are there any? Yes, there are!

   Here’s a list of good food for your teeth and gums

  • Cheese

If you love cheese, here is another reason to love it more! Research has  proved that eating cheese  raises the pH in mouth and lowers the risk of tooth decay. Cheese contains calcium and protein that strengthen tooth enamel.

  • Yogurt

It is probiotic source which means it contains health beneficial bacteria – those who decrease the growth of disease producing bacteria and cavity producing bacteria. Yogurt is rich in proteins and calcium which strengthens the teeth. Therefore yogurt is a healthy foodstuff with benefits to your teeth.

  • Green vegetables

Green vegetables are good sources for minerals and vitamins which  are essential for healthy gums and teeth. Also green vegetables contain fibers and while chewing these fibers help in cleaning teeth.

  • Apples

Well, an apple a day cannot really keep away a dentist, but it can help to keep your oral cavity healthy. Apple needs chewing and it creates a salivary flow. flushing bacteria away from teeth. Also apples contain many nutrients essential for health.

  • Carrots

Carrots are slightly harder and requires lot of time to chew which increases saliva flow inside the mouth. Chewing also disturbs plaque films and cleans teeth and the gums.

  • Green tea

Ongoing research has proven that some of green tea content are antioxidants which have antibacterial property and prevent plaque formation. It contains fluoride which prevents tooth decay. Even many herbal mouthwashes are available now in local markets with green tea extracts.

  • Garlic

Garlic contain antibacterial properties. Antibacterial properties of garlic are due to allicin present in it. These antibacterial properties prevent cavity forming bacteria and gum diseases producing bacteria from multiplying.

  • Ginger

Ginger also have antibacterial properties. It also prevent disease producing bacteria to colonize oral cavity.

  •  Chewing Gum

Gums are chewed over a long time in to the oral cavity that increases salivary flow and keeps the mouth moist. It is one of the at- home treatments for dry mouth or reduced salivary secretion.  Also saliva flow wash bacteria away from teeth. Chewing also disturbs bacterial plaque on teeth. Make sure that you choose a sugar free gum to avail its benefits.

  • Fish

Fish are rich in minerals and vitamins.  Incorporation of fish in your diet makes it a tooth friendly diet.

  • Pears

Raw pears can neutralize acids and that’s why they are perfect for mid-day snacking.

  • Kiwis

Kiwis are important source of vitamin C. Along with this, it contain several other vitamins and minerals and those are essential for overall health and especially, gum health.

  • Meat

Meat is also a fibrous diet it need time to chew and fibers helps to clean teeth. Chewing again increases saliva flow and helps to clean teeth surfaces. Meat contain many essential vitamins minerals that make meat a healthy diet for your teeth. The non-red meats are usually healthier than red meats.

  • Sugarcane

Not sugarcane juice but chewing onto sugarcane is good for healthy teeth. Although it contains sugar, it is a good exercise for your teeth and gums. Chewing increases saliva flow and fibers present in sugarcane cleans tooth surface.

  • Water

Saliva contain 99.5% water as its  main content. Dehydration makes saliva thicker which can trigger bacterial growth in mouth. Optimum levels of water is essential for saliva functioning in digestion.  Watery saliva also neutralizes acids. Saliva cleans food debris away from teeth and gums, preventing cavities and gum diseases.

We hope the list of foods mentioned above  helps you  keep your oral health in a good state.. Eat healthy, live healthy and visit your dentist regularly!


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